A pain in the…

Three days ago, I had a ethmoidectomy, turbinectomy and some other ectomies I can’t remember. What does that mean? Surgery. My friends joked that I got a nose job, which is kinda true, I mean, it involved my nose. Basically, I’ve had sinus pressure since April and I was sick of it. So the ENT offered to remove some stuff. To which I responded with a resounding “yes!”

Then, 3 days before my surgery, Donnie’s back checks out. Yeah, he could not move and he was in a ton of pain (he was supposed to be my caretaker). A trip to the doc and tons of meds later, Donnie’s on the very slow road to recovery, I’m mentally preparing for my surgery, which I keep hearing is a nightmare.

Ah, Wednesday morning. The beginning of the end of my sinus problems, allegedly. My little boy Logan came in to give his mommy a morning hug (he’s a mama’s boy… And a hugger). Then I noticed he had pinkeye! Agh! Of all days. He can’t show up at daycare like this. Donnie offered to take him to the doc during my surgery. Once that was settled, we were on our way.

But first, we needed gas. The gas station Donnie frequents was out of commission for some reason so we thought we’d go across the street. So there we were in line to turn at the light, minding our own business and BAM! A loud crash and window shatter followed by 3 airbags. Then, the smoke fills the car. Donnie’s yelling at me, “What happened?!” I shrug.

Ten minutes later, we found out what had happened. One car turning right and another car turning left on the same street. One decided one lane wasn’t enough so he veered into the other car’s lane slamming that car into us.

Another 10 minutes go by and Logan and I are on our way to our appointments (thanks to Donnie’s mom). The surgery center was all a buzz about the couple who got in a wreck on the way to surgery. They asked me over and over if I still wanted to go through with it. Oh, yes, I was sure. So they gave me something to “relax” and I was on my way.

Today, I have whiplash, one hell of a headache, a swollen nose, and possibly two totaled cars. (Did I mention there was another wreck with the rental car we didn’t buy insurance for?)

Good news is Logan’s pinkeye is all cleared up!

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