The winningness of wine

Wine, wine, wine, I sure do love a glass of wine.

Here’s what I love about it:

1. It’s made from grapes, which are one of my top 5 favorite fruits.

2. It has the word “win” in it and we all know how much I love to win.

3. It’s heart healthy.

4. It makes me feel awesome. (maybe this should’ve been number one)

5. Wine glasses are classy. The thinner the rim, the better. If the edge of the glass nearly cuts my lip, that’s about how thin the rim should be.

6. Variety. There are a million varieties of grapes and a million ways to blend them and even more brands competing for your palate. And each one tastes differently! Oaky, Nutty, Fruity, Buttery even.

7. It takes some getting used to. Most people don’t have the patience to “get used to” the taste of wine (red in particular). So that makes it more like an exclusive club – we’re still working on the handshake.

Really, I’m just a casual drinker. I wouldn’t say I’m a connoisseur (unless you don’t know anything about wine; then, to you, I’m a connoisseur). Wanna know more about wine? This guy, Gary Vaynerchuck, knows a ton about wine. He’s also pretty interesting.

All this talk about wine makes me want a glass. But it’s lunch time and drinking on my lunch break is frowned upon, so I guess I’ll save that glass for another time.



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