Five minutes to better posture

Did your mom always tell you to stand up straight? Mine did. I thought it was just because it was more respectful or accepted. But, it turns out, she was trying to help me be healthier. Standing up straight has so many more benefits than just looking good.

In fact, standing up straight can make you feel better physically and mentally. It can improve/eliminate back pain, balance…

They say (they being the scientists… from UCLA) that poor posture is associated with breathing problems, falls, depression, and decreased quality of life, all of which can shave years off life expectancy.

Well shoot, I know I have poor posture and back pain caused by poor posture. Being aware of my poor posture (and being acutely aware of my back pain) I began doing yoga about 6 months ago. It’s helped a lot but I need more if I don’t want to look like the hunchback of notre dame.

I will do this stretch every day.


Maybe I’ll stretch before I write my daily post. It’s easier to remember that way. You should try it. If you can’t reach your other hand, hold a sock or towel until you reach that flexibility.

Let’s improve our posture together! Our moms will be so proud.

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