Go on… Just try it!

I lovvvvvve trying new things. Especially food. And what better place to try new foods in Wichita (with a budget) than a seafood buffet?

I was a little intimated when I approached the buffet and there was a salmon snarling at me with half his insides gone and the other half covered with lemon slices. For a second, I thought it was fake, but it sure didn’t taste fake. Yum!

I put my brave face on and tried an oyster. It wasn’t bad but I was a little squeamish. Check that off the “I’ve eaten that” list.

Donnie was all about the crab legs. The kitchen guys struggled to keep up with the crab leg demand (led by Donnie). At least 5 or 6 crabs made it to Donnie’s plate, among other delicacies. One lucky crab was a source of entertainment for the table as Donnie used the claw to pick up food and growl at Logan. Yeah, we’re classy.

Anya (8) tried something new too. She made a face a huge crab legs on Donnie’s plate, that is, until she tried the piece he put on her plate, then it was the choice food of the night. She returned to the buffet twice more to get crab and proceeded to tell all the tables between the buffet and ours, “It’s my first time eating crab.” She’s cute enough to get away with that. And, she’s a crab-fan now.

What I love even more than trying new things is… watching others try new things. Good job Anya.

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