Mean girls

Anya (below) is playing volleyball for the first time this year and she loves it. Well most of it. There’s a girl on her team who is constantly bullying the other girls. Hitting, pushing, grabbing and even kissing (weird I know).

Now, Anya is not a violent person. She fights with words (like her mama). But even that’s not too common. She’s a lover. That said, she don’t take sh*t from nobody!

So, naturally, she and this “mean girl” are constantly butting heads. For example, last Saturday, she cut Anya in the passing line (volleyball stuff). As we all know, cutting in line is not cool. So Anya proceeded to take her rightful place in line.

Uh oh! “Mean girl angry! Mean girl smash!”

She wraps her arms around Anya and spins around to put Anya back where she wanted her to be: behind.

Then, like a daddy-hawk, Donnie swoops in and scolds the girl, removing her grip from Anya. I’m not sure if daddy hawks act like that, but Donnie wouldn’t like the mommy-hawk comparison (and I’m pretty sure he reads my blog now).

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Where are this girl’s parents? Or the coach?” They were watching, silently. Come on authority figures, do your job. I’m pretty sure the coach is scared of mean girl. And maybe the parents are too, which would explain her rebellious attitude.

My question is: What would you do in this situation? It’s not the first time she’s hit, kicked or teased Anya. At first, I was letting Anya deal with her own conflicts, but enough is enough (is enough, is enough!).

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