I need a wife

Tonight was another busy one. Leave work at 5, drive from South of Wichita to the North of Wichita (about an hour) to get both kids, getting gas on the way. Throw some sports type clothes on Anya, then scarf PB&J on the way to Anya’s basketball practice (10 minutes late I might add). Throw Anya out of the car and head to get some necessities from the store.

An hour later, we pick Anya up, then head home for bath and bed.

I walked in the door just after 8 p.m. to find an overflowing trash, a sink full of dishes and laundry in the dryer and I thought, I need a wife.

Now, before you let your imagination go, I’m talking for purely business reasons.

Here they are:
1. I would like dinner to be ready or at least in progress when I get home from work (and I’m not talking about Taco Bell).
2. I would like a clean house.
3. I would like the laundry to always be done.

That’s it! I will take on all the other wifely duties.

But for now – laundry in the dryer, dishes in the dishwasher, clutter everywhere – I’m going to bed.

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