Shut up and listen

Do you ever walk into a room with such a great story you think you may burst before you can get it all out? I do. Pretty much all the time. But, my amazing ability to tell stories is not what this blog post is about. It’s about the dreaded overtalker, that is, the person who loudly interrupts your great story right at the punch line, with a similar (but way lamer) story.

I cannot stand overtalkers. I deal with an overtalker on a daily basis. I’ve had several stories fizzle due to this particular overtalker. Let me finish my story, lady! Does she not feel my story ramping up to the climax? Hellooo.

I’ve tried overtalking her but you just can’t overtalk the overtalker. So, instead, I smile and walk away. She didn’t deserve my story anyway.

We’ve all encountered the overtalker. And if you haven’t, maybe it’s you? Gasp!

The point of this post (besides venting) is teach you some manners. Next time you’re listening to a story, wait until the end. Don’t overtalk. It’s ruuuude!

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