One of the guys

Ever see that movie “Just One of the Guys?” Terri (that’s her below) dresses like a dude (pretty convincingly I might add) to get recognized as a writer. That was in the 80s, today it’s not as hard for women to be treated as “equals” in the workplace.

Today, however, I thought of Terri when I was playing volleyball on my coed team: 3 guys 3 girls. This coed league is pretty competitive and most of the girls are setters or passers. The men are the hitters/blockers. Not me, though. I play like the guys. I love to hit and block (and I’m pretty good at it too).

For example, I got a block-touch on a 6’9″ guy when none of the other guys had. On the very next play, they asked (or told) me to switch so a guy could block him.

If I really play like “one of the guys,” then why do these guys push me aside when, well, push comes to shove? I have to continually prove myself to these people and they still don’t recognize my skills.

I guess I should cut my hair short like Terri’s and dress like dude. Maybe then they’ll show me some respect. Naaaaaaaaahhhhh!

But, it makes for a great 80s movie!


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