Drop dead guilty pleasure

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. At least I’d assume everyone does.

A guilty pleasure is something you enjoy despite feeling guilty for enjoying it. The “guilt” is sometimes just the fear that others will find out about your embarrassing tastes.

My latest guilty pleasure is a TV show called Drop Dead Diva. It’s like Ally McBeal meets Legally Blonde. I knew it was going to be corny when I saw the previews, but I gave it a chance anyway. I mean, it’s right there easily accessed on Netflix. So when i was working on other things, I’d turn it on and have it play in the background… and… Then I got hooked.

It’s like a craving now.

“Oh I have some laundry, I’ll turn on Drop Dead Diva while I fold.”
“What’s that? I need to paint something. Let me cue up Drop Dead Diva on my iPad.”

…and the worst:

“I’m, uh… Gonna take a 45 minute bath…and yes this is my iPad tucked under my arm.” (I am one of those people who uses electronics in the bathroom-another guilty pleasure).

Today, I watched my last free episode on Netflix, and of course, it ends with a cliffhanger. What?! I have to see if Grayson lives! So, I’m scouring the Internet for my fix and cannot find the next episode (for free). Argh! My guilty pleasure has suddenly become my guilty obsession.

Ps. If anyone knows where I can watch Season 3: Episode 1 of Drop Dead Diva, let me know (before I go and spend any money).

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