I really hate writing sometimes

I was scrolling along twitter and noticed this article: Why You Hate Writing, And How to Lust After the Blank Page Again and I thought, “omg, this blog is reading my mind” -insert interrobang here (look it up)

Then as I started reading, I starting getting motivated, “ohhhh that’s why I’m struggling.”

According to these guys, heres what I’m not doing:
-You’re not researching: But I am! Twitter is research, right? I get it, I’ll try to get some knowledge.
-You’re not outlining: Got it. Make lists.
-You’re not living: Scheduled my bungee jump, signed up for dance class, defaced a building and soon I’ll be livin, L-I-V-I-N.

To me, getting started is the hardest part. The blank page is like hell to me but as Churchill says, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Not sure if I’m applying this correctly but, I’m gonna keep writing until the blank page is covered by literary genius (it may be a while).

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