What’s your motivation?

I wouldn’t say I’m easily motivated but…
I started this blog after reading a Jerry Seinfeld article.
I started yoga after I read an article in Redbook.
I tried to start running more organized..ly (that’s a word, right?) during the Couch25K craze.
I started cooking more crockpot dishes in the eve of the “crockpot girls.”
I even looked into becoming a Roller Derby girl after I saw Whip It.

I hate to admit it but, the bad thing about my “quick-motivation” is that the flame fizzles almost as quickly as it ignites.

The good thing is, I try to motivate others to join me (well usually it’s a good thing – I won’t elaborate on the tomato juice cleanse fiasco of 2006).

To the point, my new thing: fit2fat2fit

This guy is awesome! The url tells the story. He was fit, gained like 70 lbs in 6 months to get to “fat” and now he’s journeying back to fit. Anyway, thanks to him, I enjoyed my first spinach smoothie this morning (which is muccccccch better than it sounds) and I began Day 1 exercises yesterday. My goal is to get in shape right along with this guy. The beauty is… No partner needed (unless Blendra decides to join too).


Ps. I tried several pics and they all ended up pixelated… Coincidence?


2 thoughts on “What’s your motivation?

  1. So weird about the pixilated picture, I’m gonna try to grab it and see what happens. Totally worked out Friday and Sunday (it was yard work, but I was sweat and sore the next day). I’m gonna try to incorporate some of the fit2fat2fit stuff in tonight, if I don’t get stuck working on the barbie house for 2 hours, like last night.


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