The snub

Tonight I walked in to Anya’s school generally in good spirits, despite the fact that it was suuuupper cold and windy and raining, despite the fact that my allergies were killing me and despite the fact that Anya was wearing flip flops, yes flip flops (the fault of those we don’t speak of – her “dad”).

Anyway, I waaaaas in good spirits, generally speaking and I’m gathering up Anya’s things (she takes too long) Then, another mom walked in. I walk past her and conjured up a smile and began a “hi-“. To what? Nothing! She looked away. She snubbed me! Really lady?

I hate being snubbed (Kramer gets me). What’s the deal with that? We have the our-kids-go-to-the-same-school bond. And, I know she saw me. If we were any closer, we would’ve bumped elbows. Plus, the cafeteria was completely empty.

Anya wasn’t having any of that, everyone says hi to her. I’m almost to the door and Anya just finished putting her flip flops on. I told you, she takes a long time. She catches up to me and shouts, “Hi!” to the lady, who returns the greeting, wholeheartedly.

Well, at least we know that it’s just me and there’s not something wrong with this lady. I’m not sure I could, in good conscience, write this post knowing that maybe she was in a bad mood because she was recently fired from her job, at fault in a fender bender or stubbed her toe on the door coming in the building.

One thought on “The snub

  1. I totally understand! I noticed a new kiddo in Connor’s class (he joined late), and so I figured the mom may not know anyone (I was that mom last year). So, upon passing in the hallway I smile and very nicely say “good morning!”. And of course, what do I get in return, nothing! She just turns her head and walks on. Really lady! Rude!


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