You’re welcome

I dropped in on a conversation the other day where the topic of discussion was favorite or least favorite places to buy groceries.

I chimed in when someone said “I hate Dillon’s”. I mean, I loooove Dillon’s. What’s wrong with Dillon’s? Something about the packaged, highly preserved sugary fatty foods people buy. Which, to me is a silly reason. You don’t have to buy those foods. There’s quite a variety of foods there, but whatever.

Then, outta nowhere, the other guy chimes in, “Yeah, I hate Dillon’s too. I always get in line behind the people with the “vision” cards. I make sure to tell them ‘You’re welcome’ as they slide that card. Haha. They usually look at me all confused so I elaborate ‘I’m one of the people who work so you can have one of those’.”

I was speechless… Well maybe not because I responded, “Wow, you really say that to them?”

He seemed to be proud of himself for thinking of such an awful, insensitive thing to say to someone who is down on their luck. He just laughed, a laugh that now seemed a little more mean.


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