We’ve been putting a bunch of, well, junk, into my mom’s garage sale. Most of the stuff is Donnie’s or his mom’s. I love ’em but these people do not throw away anything!

Don’t worry. That is not my house. 🙂 We hoard in neatly stacked totes… but still.

My husband, Donnie, pulls out his basketball shoes from 15 years ago. He said, “Put those back, each pair has sentimental value.”
Donnie’s mom pulls out all these old toys, “Let’s not let the kids play with those.” So, what? We put everything back in a box and think about it every so often?

Anya represented the non-hoarders and put a pair of too-small boots in there. “Good job Anya.”

We packed up everything, put it in the car and drove it to my mom’s. Wow. Feels good to clean house.

As I’m tucking Anya into bed that night, she says, “Mommy?”
Me: “Yes, Anya”
Anya: “I took the boots back. I just wasn’t ready to let them go.”

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