Cliffhanger conversation

What’s with people who talk in cliffhangers?


You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. My sister texted me earlier this week, “We really need your prayers today,” and then doesn’t respond to call or text. WTF happened?

After the third call in 5 minutes, she answers, “Oh my husband just has an interview.”

Is she trying to give me a coronary?!

She’s a cliffhanger talker. Usually it’s not this dramatic, it’s usually more like, “Your story is not as bad as my friend’s.” Then no follow up until she gets, “What happened to your friend?”

What makes her do that? Does she not understand that she can put the whole thing into one text?Is she trying to keep me interested? Create an avalanche of thrills? It is frustrating…

Hold on. My mom just text me, “Pray for your dad tomorrow.” Then nothing. No answer.
What?! Cholesterol check? Blood pressure too high? They found a mass?
Then, 20 minutes later, Mom texts, “He’s hoping to close on the house.”

So I guess it’s genetic?

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