Locker room lookers

I went to the YMCA for the first time today in a few months and it was awesome!

I usually work out at home. I just don’t get that “I really kicked my own ass” feeling doing yoga in the middle of the living room while also being the “horsey” to Logan’s “cowboy.”

Plus… For once, I didn’t feel self conscious. I even worked the rowing machine for the first time (in public). It was a great workout.

But, to keep with the b!tchin theme of this blog, I have to say:

Dear YMCA,
What is with those towels? What woman (or man, for that matter) could use this towel after a shower? First, it absorbs as much as the napkins they give you at BBQ joint. It’s simply pushing water droplets around. Second, it’s the perfect size for a 2 year old.

Your favorite regular patron

Normally, I wouldn’t care. Don’t like the towels? Don’t use em, right? But, I cringe at the sight of ol’ Big Bertha who just left the geriatric water aerobics and needs one towel for her hair and one for her, well… Let’s be honest, this lady needs at least 3 or 4 towels for um… the rest.

There, I got my complaint out.

I’ll be returning to the Y again and again. I’ll just be bringing my own towel… and keeping my eyes of the ground.

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