Free oven mitts!

About 3 years ago, my boss got me started as a BzzAgent. It was so cool. At the time, I got packs of 5 gum, Listerine white strips and some other new products for free! All I had to do was talk (or buzz) about them. And I did to my friends, my family, etc… Eventually I got burned out and stopped reporting my BzzAgent field work (so to speak).

Then a few months ago, I decided to start up again. I thought, “Hey, would like free stuff now.”

So I got Blendra started too and we were off. Two BzzAgents on a mission to get free stuff.

Here’s how it works.

1. You sign up.

2. They invite you to be part of a campaign based on your psychographics. Yes, that means you’ll have to fill out some surveys. They’re easy though. Just a bunch of check boxes.

3. So, then you get invited to a campaign (yea!). You can choose to accept your mission as a BzzAgent, in which case, you would get your free stuff (So far, this time I’ve gottenCover Girl base and lip gloss, Purell, free Premium Select food and an oven mitt!).


4. If you don’t accept, no biggie, just wait for another one. But, if you do accept, get your free stuff and then don’t buzz, you probably won’t be invited to another campaign. (Nothing’s ever really free, is it?)

I know. I know. This sounds like a big advertisement for BzzAgent, but really, I just care about you and I want you to get a free oven mitt too (after all, it is the quintessential giveaway).

Ps. Join BzzAgent today!

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