The art of eavesdropping

Yes. It’s an art.

I wouldn’t say I’m an artist. But, yeah, ok, I’ve mastered the art of eavesdropping. I can say that now because I’ve put in my time.

I practice at work, at home, restaurants, Christmas parties. Chances are, if there are other people around, I’m probably listening to their conversations and usually weighing in (well, in my head).

I don’t even know why I do it anymore. Curiosity?

At work, my eavesdropping comes in handy. So, when my boss comes out of his office and says, “Did you hear that?” I can proudly say, “Yep and I already started.”

In social settings, it serves as a conversation topic when there’s a lull.

Today at the Y, I listened to some chicks b!tch about someone taking their locker space. I’m guessing that someone was me because I was on the receiving end of a few stink eyes.

What if I overheard people planning a burglary? I could be a good Samaritan! Going around, stopping crimes before they happen purely using my nosey ears.

There doesn’t really seem to be a downside to eavesdropping.

Ok, there is one downside. Getting caught. You see most people don’t like other people listening in.

And, that’s why it’s an art. Just don’t get caught.

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