You’re not too busy

I feel like I’m always hearing people complain about how they are too busy for this and too busy for that.

Today, I left work and went straight to the store to pick up stuff for Logan’s birthday party.

Then, got home an hour later, threw a pizza in the oven (my mother in law watched it).

Then threw the kids in the car to head to the movie store. It’s an every other weekend ritual. I let them pick out a free movie while I get an adult movie for after “kid bedtime” (Our Idiot Brother).
We got home just in time for the oven buzzer. Time to eat!

Then dishes.

Then I made Logan’s ice cream cake and stoplight brownies for tomorrow.

Then, I put a sock bun in my mother in laws hair (look it up on Pinterest).

Got the kids in bed and here I am, wine in hand, bloggin away.

Already checked Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.

Tomorrow, Anya has basketball games at 8:30 and 9:30
Then Logan’s birthday party at noon.
Then the work Christmas party (another one) at 6.

Somewhere in between there, I will make all the food, clean and decorate the house and hopefully get in some yoga time.

I’m busy but… You’ll never hear me say I’m too busy.

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