Bored? We got this.

Donnie and I are known for texting and playing games when we’re in boring situations. Example: last night’s Christmas party. See below post.


Anyway, we got a new one. It’s a great time-passer.

Here’s how it goes:

1. You come up with 2 movies. One has the same last word and the other’s first word. For example: over the top + top gun.

2. Then you describe the movie to your partner. For example:

“A truck driver travels across the country arm wrestling while a young hot rod in the air force is in love with his instructor and has difficulty following rules.”

3. Then, it’s up your partner to guess the movie combination.

Correct answer: Over the top gun.

Get it? It’s a little challenging to come up with the right combo. But just saying the movie names out loud is fun in itself.

With this game, boring events, long car rides, and layovers are a breeze!

Can you come up with any?

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