I’m a dipper.

I dip fries in mustard.

I dip nuggets in BBQ.

I dip my cheeseburger in ketchup.

Hell, I even dipped myself in my jacuzzi tub earlier. What can I say? I’m a dipper.

(I also married a dipper)

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with dipping fruits in yogurt and freezing them.

Strawberries and blueberries in yogurt. Throw them in the freezer and Logan and Anya get “ice cream” for breakfast.

Tonight, I may have outdone myself.

I took this:

Smothered with this:

And topped with this (I know, right?):

Then I froze my concoction for 3 hours.

YUM!!! I took a bite and the banana was just to the slushy cold stage, the peanut butter was still soft and the chocolate like a hard candy shell!

This is the best dip ever!

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