Logan’s Birthday of the Year

Logan’s birthday party was last weekend and I thought I’d get creative. It was easy. I had Pinterest at my fingertips.

Logan loves pretty much anything with wheels. So the party had a “transportation” theme.

First up, wiener mobiles. It’s basically a pig in a blanket with a pickle slice steering wheel and a gherkin driver (he has a mustard face). Then I served it with mac and cheese (Logan’s absolute favorite meal). This is good ol’ fashioned crockpot-homemade-bad-4-you-Paula-Deen-Food-Network mac n cheese. Unfortunately, Donnie didn’t follow instructions and turn it off when I was getting ready, so the wonderful cheesy fat filled noodles were overcooked. (Donnie knows what he did).

I made a racetrack out of masking tape. So much fun! My back still hurts.

There were presents.

Homemade ice cream cake. Last year he only stuck out his bottom lip and blew upward toward his eyebrows. It didn’t take as long to extinguish the candles this year.

Logan got his cake in a dump truck. You know. To go with the theme.

Stoplight Brownies! Just your run-of-the-mill brownie pre-mixed box with M&Ms (Don’t judge me I ran out of time)

We had a great time. And the party was a huge hit! Thanks Pinterest.

Tonight, Logan asked for his ice cream in a dump truck. I couldn’t resist.

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