I can do anything better than you

Do you ever witness someone doing their job and think, “I could do that way better (and with a smile on my face)…?”

I do. Almost all the time.

“I would totally carry all those plates out on one big tray.”

“If I were in IT, I’d know everything about computers. Mac and PC.”

“I would be more gentle with that floss in someone else’s mouth.”

“I’d lawyer the crap outta that guy.”

“I wouldn’t be putting that girl on the court, she sucks!”

“If I had my own practice, I wouldn’t hire any of these bizzos to work at the reception desk.”

“If I wrote tweets for their Twitter account, it wouldn’t be this lame.”

“If I received a complaint, I would at least respond and say ‘thank you for input.’”

I can’t help it. It’s just the place I go when I get frustrated with a company or an employee.

Does this make me a bad person?

As a consumer, I have considerably high standards. And if those standards aren’t met, I’m frustrated and think, “What would Danielle do?”

The other day, Donnie ordered jerseys from a random company and they told him “We can’t make your team logo that big because of the jersey design you chose.” Donnie was surprised and little confused when he got the jerseys and there was clearly enough space for the logo to be legible (which it wasn’t). Why didn’t they just admit that they underestimated the size? Or made a mistake? I mean, did they think he wasn’t going to look it at? He’ll never use them again. Good job, employee. You made one sale, but you lost a potentially long-term customer.

Then, one of my vendors messed up on hats I ordered and 1) admitted she messed up and 2) replaced all the hats with the correct hat, leaving us with a double order of hats. Now that is customer service. I guess that’s why I’ve kept her around for so long. She treats me so well that I expect that level of service from all vendors.

And, why shouldn’t I have high standards? I mean, if I can do a better job at your job than you, that’s a problem.

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