I need a Pinter-vention

Hi. I’m Danielle and I have a problem.

It’s Pinterest. It’s running my life.

First, it was a hobby. A nice scarf with matching sweater socks, a few Christmas presents, a nice sweet treat.

Then, I began checking it daily. “Pinning” and “repinning” and “liking” and loving everything I saw. My boards are full of future “projects.”

It’s a little overwhelming. It’s like a to-do list I avoid. If I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist right?

I actually told Donnie to check my “For the Home” board on Pinterest if he got bored. I really wish he would. Soooo many things could be checked off.

Even right now as I type I’m thinking, I could be working on my Pinterest projects… but instead I’ll probably get to pinning as soon as I’m done here.

I told you, it’s an addiction.

… Help.

One thought on “I need a Pinter-vention

  1. I have you to thank for my addiction Pinterest. The good news is I have a 4 day weekend, the bad news is most of its going to be spent on Pintetest! Better yet, reverse that. Dang! I wish I had more vacation time to spend on Pinterest! Have fun!


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