Christmas: a time for letters

My boss is being a Scrooge this year and hates Christmas form letters so I thought, “what better post than to write a Christmas form letter?”

Dear family and friends,
We’ve all grown so much over the past year. The kids especially. Donnie and I look pretty much the same. What a year it’s been!

Logan turned 3 and has developed a love for violent play: swords, fists, nerd guns. We all have the bruises to prove it. He’s such a boy, but he’s still a mama’s boy (don’t let anyone tell you differently).

Anya turned 8 and is a diva extraordinaire. As she puts it, “I’m so fashion.” Fortunately, she’s also super smart. Something to fall back on when “diva-ing” doesn’t pay the bills (The Kardashian’s make a pretty good living being divas).

Donnie would contribute but he’s on the roof stringing the lights. He is loving his new job and is networking constantly with 20-something college girls. He’s pretty good at his job. As he puts it, “I have 6 more girls coming in next year” (Don’t worry, I’m completely secure…)

Over the past year, I’ve become super awesome at my job and started this hilarious blog.

Maggie (our dog) is getting up there. She’ll be 10 this year and has developed some digestive issues. Let’s just say, we’ve gotten really good at cleaning the carpet.

Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas. Ouch! I just took a nerf disc in the kidney!

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