Snowball effect of rage

Today, I woke up at 9. Yes, 9 am. It doesn’t happen often. Logan got up early as usual and watched cartoons in Grandma’s room.

I don’t think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but getting up at 9 am already makes me feel a little guilty. I don’t know why. Maybe because I feel lazy when I sleep past 7:30. Anyway, I’m well rested (and feeling a little guilty), so I offer to make homemade pancakes.

Got my music goin’, making the best pancakes I know how. Then I serve them up to the family like I’m Betty Crocker. Donnie says, “They’re a little tangier than usual. Not bad… Just different.” Everyone agreed. Great, too much nutmeg and cinnamon. Sigh.

We finish up our pancakes and I start in on my morning Pinterest browse. Nothing cool. Not motivated. Then, Pinterest won’t update on my iPad. Stupid app… double sigh. I text my sister to see when she wants to go shopping.

Then I start getting around. The unreliable toilet won’t flush at the most embarrassing time (if you know what I mean). Triple sigh… So I go get the plunger. It has cracks all around the edges. This thing won’t plunge. My blood pressure starts rising. I ask Donnie, “Where’s the other plunger?” He says that’s it. I sigh loudly. Mid-sigh, my mother-in-law asks if I want to clean out Logan’s drawers today. I groan, “First, I’ll have to plunge the stupid toilet.” Donnie says it’ll work, just keep plunging. I mumble, “See you guys next week,” as I storm off into the bathroom. Finally! I get it to go down. Yuck! I toss the plunger in the trash. “Donnie, put a plunger on your Menard’s list.”

On my way back to the kitchen, I step on a Hot Wheels I swear I’ve picked up 3 times this morning. OUCH! Then fall into Logan’s new racetrack.

Whew, I need a cup of coffee to calm down. What?! Someone took the last cup? UGH! Ok, I’ll just make some more. What? Someone didn’t close the bag last time they made coffee. OMG, I’m unapproachable now. Maybe a little red in the face.

I start my coffee and begin a cleaning spree.

My sister texts back, “I’m already shopping. Can’t go later.” What? We talked about this yesterday. Sighhhh… I’m hastily cleaning everything in sight. (It’s what I do when I’m angry). Danielle angry. Danielle clean! ARRGGGGGHHHHHH!

Then, I get this idea for my blog post and thought I better get to writing before I lose my idea. So far, I’ve been interrupted 5 times. Yes 5. For silly, figure-it-out-yourself questions.

That’s it. I better do some yoga or go shopping (retail therapy) before I take all this rage out on Donnie. What? It’s gotta go somewhere.

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