Ahhh. The good life.

I’m on vacation this week. Usually when I take time off work, I’m either sick or going somewhere awesome. This time, I’m neither. Just chillin’ at home.

Today, I slept until 7:30 and it felt like the crack of dawn.

Then, coffee and a spinach omelette (don’t have time for those before work).
Then, a morning jump (on the trampoline–or as Logan calls it: “Halloween”)
Then, a morning movie while Mommy Pinterests.
Then, yoga.
It’s 9 am. Shoot! Now what? I’m bored.

So I start cleaning. First I tell myself “it’s dusting day” then, I add sweeping and mopping floors. Then, I’m magic erasing the walls and white cabinets in the kitchen. Vacuuming the stairs (which I hate). Sink full of dishes.

It’s 11 am. Hmmm what’s Logan doing. “Let’s go jump again Logan!”
Then, watercolor paint by numbers.
Then, check my email.
Upload Facebook pics.
Logan takes a nap.
Time to read. “What’s that, Anya? Want to jump again?” o….k…

It’s 1 am. Let’s etch all our drinking glasses!
Crap. Stupid etch stuff doesn’t work. So then, I tried to fix the etching by re-etching 5 times. Ugh! Fail.

It’s 5 pm. Time for dinner.
Now, whoa, 9 pm. Maybe a nightcap? (it’s ok. I’m on vacation).

What will I do tomorrow?

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