Christmas: the break continues

Guess what I had for breakfast?


Yeah I made that.

I woke up thinking, “Don’t be a slacker. Don’t be a slacker” So I whipped up those yummy orange sweet rolls courtesy of a chick on Pinterest.

Then I spent the morning removing the spirit of Christmas from our home. Ok, just the decorations, maybe I’m being a little melodramatic (it’s more fun that way).

Then, I decided to take Anya with me to get my allergy shot. She has this weird fascination with watching me be stabbed. Her words, “Maybe they can give you 36 shots because I came with you?” Um… no. and. weird.

We swung by the mall on our way home (for 3 hours). I did some major bargain shopping, which means, if it was more than $10, I didn’t buy it (that’s including our 10-min chair massages–ahhh).

Donnie’s just about finished with the headboard. Check it out! Imagine a bed right there in front.

Yep, those are shelves in the middle and on both sides. I know! He’s an awesome carpenter.

You’re probably wondering why I’m blogging so early. Well. We’re going out tonight! When you have kids and a mother-in-law who has a life, you celebrate New Year’s Eve the Thursday before.

So, we’re off to party it up and watch my friend’s band. We own the night. (Ok, we’ll probably be home by 11 because Donnie will be falling asleep in his Shiner Bock but, hey, I’ve got a whole day of productivity ahead of me tomorrow, right?)

I sure love Christmas vacation.

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