Et tu, 2011?

This morning I was reflecting a little on the past year and I’ll be honest, 2011 was not my year. Far from it.

The year just wasn’t good from get-go. No one wants to start the year off with a heart-wrenching loss. But, as they say, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” I always thought that’s something people said to get me to eat my vegetables or work harder at practice. But, that saying definitely means more to me now than before. Through the worst time of my life, I developed ways to move on, or cope, I guess. I searched for things that make me truly happy and devoted more time and effort there. Got some perspective.

My family topped the list, naturally. I forgot how much fun it is just to be with them.

Yoga. I discovered yoga while I was searching for ways to relax and maybe aid with my newfound, 2011 allergy problem. It helped a little. Plus, it’s an easy, convenient way to get a little bit of a workout in.

Cooking and baking. Turns out, I’m a pretty amazing cook. As Donnie said the other day, “I don’t think you’ve ever made anything that wasn’t good.” To me, cooking is a relaxing and rewarding creative outlet.

Crafting. I love using my hands to create my own works of art (I prefer not to buy what I can make myself). This year, I finally got the courage to just start working on my projects. And you know what, they aren’t too bad. See the Dictionary Wreath below (which is not at all Christmas-y) Yes, Zipop, that’s the rest of your dictionary.

Fashion. I can’t tell you how many shirts, sweaters and pants I’ve recycled into something new and fabulous. I’d maybe say fashionista (if I said that word, but TJ Maxx ruined it)

So. I guess the year wasn’t all that bad. But I would declare 2011, “The year of adversity.” And through adversity, I grew stronger: emotionally, physically and spiritually. Let’s go ahead and close this one out. And bring on 2012.

I declare 2012 “The Year of Danielle.” I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions because if it’s something you really need to do, you shouldn’t wait until January 1 to start doing it. Start now, on December 31. But if I were to make a New Year’s Resolution, it’d be to not catastrophize, to have more fun and to consume and poop a proportional amount.

Happy Year of Danielle everyone!

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