When friends aren’t just friends

The other day, I was scrolling through old Facebook messages and thought, “Man, I sure was friends with a lot of guys” and “What happened to all of them?”

I mentioned something to Donnie and he said, “Well, they all stopped talking to you because of me.”

No way. Donnie’s just being self deprecating. He continued, “They all wanted to date you. You know that, right?”

No way. That’s silly. Typical husband talk. We were just friends. I just happened to be friends with a lot of guys. Less drama; more fun.

He continued (very talkative that day, especially for Donnie), “I’ve seen the messages they used to send you. It’s obvious. And they stopped talking to you because you were off the market.”

What? No. I’ve always been friends with guys. I used to play street hockey with the neighborhood boys in elementary school. I was the only girl who played bombardment and knockout. Did all those boys want to date me? No. Because I was one of the guys.

Then I got to thinking and read through a few more messages. Ok, maybe a couple of them. Do you think they were plotting the whole time we hung out? Maybe I should’ve taken Seventeen Magazine’s Is he more than just a friend quiz? Man, I feel dense.

Maybe that’s why they’re all awkward when we talk now. And, maybe that’s why they’re all EXTRA nice to Donnie.

We ran into one of my old “buddies” the other night. Same deal. He paid special attention to Donnie and barely talked to me. Donnie says, “Told ya.”

I guess I just wasn’t that into them. It’s a good thing too; because, if I had dated them, it would’ve been even more awkward when we ran into said “friends.” Or worse, maybe I wouldn’t have ended up with Donnie (gasp!).

Weird. I’m 10 paragraphs in and am now wondering “What is the point of this blog post?” I guess I just had one of those “what? no!” moments and I thought I’d share. This blog is starting to feel a little too much like a diary.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “When friends aren’t just friends

  1. Yes, they all wanted to date you. Boys/men, up to say 30 yrs old, have women friends for 2 reasons. Either they want to date them now, or they want them on standby in case “Plan A” falls apart. Luckily past about 30 most men have given up hope and can then be the best friends in the world.


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