BFF? I don’t think so.

The other day, when I was at home on New Year’s Eve, I starting thinking about what all my friends may be doing on this momentous occasion (in a not bitter, totally not depressing or in any way mad or disappointed way).

As I was thinking of them, I started placing them in these nice little categories. Sort of justifying why I was at home on New Year’s Eve instead of at a rockin’ New Year’s Eve party (aside from the fact that we had no babysitter).

Types of friends:

The location-based friend:
This person can be your best friend at specific locations such as school, work, volleyball, basket weaving, living next door to each other. And as much fun as you have with this friend at this location, for some reason you rarely take the friendship outside that location.

The lunch date:
This is the friend you never talk to other than to schedule a lunch date or at said lunch date. Lunch date friend could also be a location-based friend.

The Facebook stalker:
This person is not really your friend. She either wishes she were and stalks you, liking and commenting on all your photos, hoping that one day you may become friends. A relationship born from Facebook stalking. Or she only accepted your friend request because she’s nosy and wants keep an eye on you in the socialsphere and then ignore you publicly, should you cross paths in the real world.

The user:
You were friends with her at one point but now she only calls when she needs something. She only invites you to parties to take your money.

The evasive friend:
This person is always fun to hang out with (at least I think so, cant remember the last time we hung out). But, you’re constantly playing phone tag. When you invite her out and she texts back after the event with a sincere but lame-o excuse. Then, when you accidentally run into them all they talk about is how you should get together.

The guy friend:
This is the guy you hang out with all the time when you’re single and you find out later he had a crush on you (I hear this is only if you’re under 30 though :). It’s awkward every time you see him.

The party friend:
This friend is always up for a party. When you get together, she brings out the party animal in you. She is a bad influence and you love it (most of the time. sometimes you just divert her call.) And, you almost always have a hangover the next day… a bad one.

The bestie:
This is the person who can live in another state, hardly talk to you and almost never visit but she still gets you better than anyone. I miss her.

When I started writing this post, I only had 3 types of friends in mind but the more I thought about, the more fun it was to think about. I guess it could be a little immoral… considering I’m categorizing people. Well… at least I didn’t name names, right? I’ve got several more… but this could on for days.

Do you have these types of friends? Or more? Tell me some of yours.

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