Dregs just being dreggy

My truck was broken into today at work (for the second time, by the way). This time they took a gym bag… just like last time. It’s really putting a dent in my gym bag supply.

After talking to a cop for a while, I didn’t feel much better at all. In fact, I felt worse. He said (notice the quotes), “I’ll turn your information in to the special forces but even if they do find the guy, they won’t hold him unless he’s hurt someone. They’ll just release him. And, with the economy, it will just get worse here in your parking lot.”

Sooo… not only will it get worse, but they also won’t punish the man for his crime if they catch him. I was tempted to point at the Cutco cut on my finger and say, “He did this. Now, go get him!”

To help soothe my own wounds, I thought I’d write a note to the man who is clearly trying to sabotage the Year of Danielle.

Dear dregs of society,
I bet you’re pretty proud of yourself for breaking into four cars in one private parking lot. Got a lot of loot, did ya?

Hope you’re enjoying my smelly gym clothes and my 10-year-old messenger bag. What? What’s that? No money in there? No wallet? Nothing of value? Yep. Just smelly old gym clothes, and I hope you’re not a size 8 and a half. I’m sure Secret for women will cover up your “dirtbag” smell.

I hope you cut yourself on my tinted window glass.

With disgust,
The victim of your selfish crime

Windows can be fixed and stuff can be replaced but dregs will always be dregs.

Nice try dregs. You can’t bring me down. Long live Year of Danielle!

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