Mary Kay or Mary Jane?

Yesterday I went to QT and saw a pink cadillac parked at the pump. No big deal. Right? Mary Kay Rep getting gas. Wait, I’m pretty sure that 20-something black man doesn’t deal (Mary Kay that is).

Then, an Impala pulls up behind it (Cadillacs and Impalas are token cars in rap songs; so naturally I’m thinking something suspicious is going on).

And… usually when you pull up behind someone at a gas station it’s to wait to get gas, but the guy in the Caddy hadn’t even gotten out of the car. And… there were several other pumps available to the Impala.

OK, they caught my interest.

Then, the guy in the Caddy gets out and gets in the Impala.

Then, they just sit there for a while. (I’m eating my QT hot dog, sitting on the edge of my heated truck seat… sunglasses on)

No one got gas.
No one went into the building.
Then, they both left.
And, I don’t think it was rose colored lip gloss they were exchanging.

3 thoughts on “Mary Kay or Mary Jane?

  1. Hahaha! Awesome post! I would have driven out there as fast as possible, ducking, for fear they told be shooting at my car.


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