It’s a coffee state of mind.

I am very particular about my coffee cups. I don’t know when this all started. Maybe when I started drinking more and more and more coffee. I’m not an addict. I can stop anytime I want.

But to me, coffee is not about caffeine (I drink 1/2 caff). To me, it’s about a state of mind. It’s routine, it’s comfortable, it’s delicious. Without my coffee, I’m not me. Or I’m me, just a very unpleasant version of me (and who wants that?).

I could talk about coffee all day. Today, it’s about the cup.

Let me introduce you to my top cups. The cream of the cups, if you will.

This is work cup.

I loooove the shape of this cup. It’s like 16 ounces and has a huge handle-space for my big man-hands. However, this cup is only OK to use on work days. You see, it’s got a work logo and I got it from work. Therefore, it cannot be used on non-work days. It’s just not the right vibe.

This is wonder woman.

Wonder Woman doesn’t have the best shape (well, the cup), but she’s got the right message. Wonder Woman is for days that I need to get a lot of work done. She is a great motivator, women empowerment and all that. Today is Wonder Woman’s day.

This is Mugsly.

Mugsly has been around the longest. He’s old. I bought him a garage sale. My favorite color. Perfect shape. The perfect round lip. He’s my go-to mug. There’s history there.

So, last night when my mother-in-law said, “She’s very picky about her coffee cups.” She was right, but there’s more to it than that. These mugs affect my whole morning-coffee experience. Like I said, it’s a state of mind.

One thought on “It’s a coffee state of mind.

  1. How true that is! My mom and I were shopping together and she bought us identical mugs and told me that when I drank from it, it was like we were having a cup of coffee together. I ❤ my mom and my mug!


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