What type of driver are you?

Today I was driving to work and some guy cut me off, then he sped up, then he slowed down (like below the speed limit), swerved a little, then floored it again and changed lanes to cut off the next person. AGH! Jerk.

Then I got to thinking. He was probably just in a hurry and not paying attention because he kept getting texts and needed to finish shaving and not be late for work (or his court date, depending how you look at it). I kid. This guy probably wasn’t a jerk. But he was definitely in inattentive driver, which is the category many of us fall into at one time or another and which is also the first one in my list of “Types of Drivers.” You know how I like lists.

Inattentive Driver
Squirrel! The texting-calling-putting on mascara-shaving her legs-eating a bowl of soup-checking facebook while changing lanes driver is probably the most dangerous and most common type of drivers on the road. I admit, I check texts now and then (if it’s any consolation, I feel instantly guilty). I’m constantly talking the phone while I drive (Gotta stay connected). Admit it, you do too.

Passive Driver
This is the slow lane changing-sitting at stop light several seconds after it turns green-driving under the speed limit-never, ever pass anyone under any circumstance type of driver. Passive drivers are usually old people or drug dealers (they don’t want to ruin the whole operation by getting a speeding ticket). This person gets tailgated… a lot. It takes a long time to get everywhere.

Aggressive Driver
The aggressive driver is that guy who drives to the front of a long line and inches his way in at the front. He always passes. Always. He’s confident. He owns merging and is the king of turning left. He knows all the rules of the road. Donnie is an aggressive driver. He drives the car you want to be in and the one you don’t want to follow.

The idiot driver
Take the three above and combine them into one big idiot. The idiot driver is fickle. Sometimes fast and aggressive, other times slow. Almost always not paying attention. He’s careless (usually a teenager). He slams on his brakes and turns. He never uses a blinker. He’s a jerk.

I know, you can’t put people specifically in one category or another but I’ve done it twice now and look how much fun I’m having.

What type of driver are you?

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