I lost Logan


Yeah. Did you see that title? It’s true. Sad. Frightening. Lesson-learning. And, true.

I picked up Logan from my aunt’s house today after work. It’s been about 3-4 months since I’ve picked him up so I was pretty excited.

I walk in, he runs up yelling my favorite word, “Mommy!” He gives me a huge hug. Then he runs right out the door to play on the porch, which was typical. I talk for a few minutes while Logan plays with the cats on the porch.

Time to go.

I walk out the door, “Logan? Logan, time to go.”

I don’t see him, but I figured he was hiding because he’s into that lately.

“Logan, I’m gonna leave without you.” That usually does the trick.

It’s quiet. Too quiet. Just the cold wind. I peak in my aunt’s house, “Can Logan get in your backyard from here? I think he went back there.”

My aunt said it’d be impossible to open that gate, but checks anyway. My uncle follows me back outside.

I scream, “Logan!” Quickly transitioning from worry to panic.

My uncle suggested we check the cars (Logan loves to sneak in and pretend he’s driving). I’m opening doors and screaming “LOGAN!” simultaneously.

I call Donnie. He’s 45 minutes away in a panic. I’m roaming up and own own the cul-de-sac screaming and ransacking the neighbors’ yards, imaging the worst possible scenario.

“LOGAN! Answer me!”

I’m on the phone with Donnie screaming and fumbling over the story.

My aunt appears from a yard two houses down with a little, snotty-nose, red-faced, crocodile-teared 3-year-old.

He chased the cats into the neighbor’s field-like backyard and couldn’t figure out his way back. Too scared to scream. Too scared to move. And cold too because he shed his coat on the way in (it gets in the way).

I hugged the biggest hug I’ve ever hugged and of course, told Logan, “Don’t you ever do that again!”

That was some of the scariest few moments of my life. My mind just can’t go there.

I started putting Logan in his carseat for the ride home and he says, “I just want to hug Mommy.”

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