Write like you talk: best or worst advice ever?

I’ve always thought I wrote like I talked. Well, ok, not always. In junior high, I used to score very low on “voice.” Since then, I’ve really worked on inserting as much of my voice as possible into my writing.

And the comments I get are, “I can totally hear you saying that.” and “It’s entertaining because the language has so much life.” So, I thought, writing like I talk is totes working. I like it. People like it (or the 10 people who read this blog — I’m being generous with that number).

Then I see this tweet today from a blogger I totes respect.

Could he be right? I should “never” write like I talk? I’m perplexed (which I never say out loud, so there).

Is “write like you talk” the worst writing advice ever?
The writer weighed in her comments here.

Here’s what I think. It depends.

Do you talk good?
Is the content about you?
Is it informal?
Are you funny? (be honest)

If your answers to the above questions are yes, I would say, “Write like you talk.” But lets use some common sense and not take this advice in it’s most literal form like this:

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