Dang girl, you got cuff!

I went out with friends Friday night for the first time in a while. Saturday morning I remembered why I don’t do that regularly. But it sure was fun! I was told that I have “nice cuff” and it made my night.

Let me explain.

We went to a club to see a live band (which was awesome). I was (responsibly) drinking blueberry vodka with sprite most of the night. Yum.

We were dancing, having a good time. At one point, my bestie Heather needed a partner for a bathroom trip. This is not uncommon.

So, we go. I’m standing there, waiting. I didn’t need to go. I was there purely for support.

There was a group of “thicker” women seeking validation from their black friend. Her name began with a “Sh.” I can’t remember what it was, so I’ll just call her “Sh.”

Sh says to the thicker girls, “I don’t want to be racist but, girl, the black guys would be all over you.”

I decide to join the conversation, “The thought of you being racist didn’t even cross my mind.” I mean. She was black, talking about black guys.

Then Sh turns to me, you got cuff girl. I’m like, “I have what?” She turns me around and grabs my butt (And yes, guys this always happens in the women’s restroom), Sh says, “See that? That’s cuff. And you got it girl.”

I’m beaming. Me. I have cuff? Yes! (and I learned a new word, which I later submitted to urbandictionary.com)

Heather comes out. Sh puts her hand over her butt and says, “You got cuff too girl!”
Another friend walks in the bathroom, and Sh goes, “I can tell you have cuff just looking at you.”

Then, you can see all the catfight, judgmental attitudes dissolving as everyone’s complimenting each other’s behinds saying, “Yeah, you got cuff too!” “So do you!”

Best time in the bathroom ever!

We walked back to our seats all giddy, wondering where our new best friend, Sh, had gone. She was nowhere to be found. We wondered if the bar hired her to make all the women feel good about themselves. Either way, we were all happy and headed toward the bar for another blueberry vodka and sprite.

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