This is SEWIOUS!

Logan’s had a favorite show for long time. It’s called Wonder Pets. He loves it. Always wants to watch it (please keep your judgmental “i-dont-let-my-kids-watch-tv” comments to yourself). Logan really only watches Wonder Pets while I’m cooking dinner or getting ready for work. Times like that.

Wonder Pets is the perfect show for toddlers. It’s engaging to them. There’s a lot of repetition. They sing the same songs in every episode. I’m singing in my head right now, “The phone. The phone is ringing. The phone! We’ll be right there!” Logan has them all memorized (as do I).

Anyway, it’s come to the end of the road for Wonder Pets as (after 1 full year) Logan has watched every episode available on Netflix. I can’t say I’m too disappointed. It’s incredible annoying. But, I do laugh every time that dumb duck with a speech impediment says “This is sewious!” (which is every episode). The speech impediment thing bothered me at first but now, Donnie and I will catch ourselves saying, “This is sewious!” to lighten the mood at our house.

Ok, maybe I’ll miss Wonder Pets a little. Maybe. Just a little. Probably not.

Logan just came up to me, “Mommy, can I watch Wonder Pets, the honey bear one?”

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