The right to bear arms… In my house

When we first got these Nerf guns for my 3-year-old I was leary. Not a big fan of guns.

Then he and Donnie began to play with them on a daily basis. Sighhhh. I was getting shot in the face or the butt regularly. Yes, oddly, it was either face or butt.

Tonight Logan came at me with a belt full of bullets. He says, “I’m loaded, Mommy.”

Donnie was at practice and I couldn’t resist his little enthusiasm. So I played with him for a little bit.

Well, I got hooked. I was rolling behind the couch and using pillows as shields. It. Was. Fun.

Then, I saw Donnie and Anya pull in the driveway. Logan and I prepared for an ambush. We turned out all the lights and hid behind the couch.

The door opens and we both scream while running at them, guns blazing. ATTACK!!!

We scared the begeezus out of them and got a few shots in until, somehow, Donnie got Logan’s gun. Then it was Mano a womano.

Woo-uh-woo-uh-woo wom-wom-wommmmmm.

It was the kids and I versus Donnie. Logan was delivering King Arthur-style blows with his sword while Anya kept my gun stocked. We were all over the living room screaming and shooting and ducking shots all Matrix-like.

Soooo much fun. Wonder if we should get 2 more guns… To make it even.

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