Coffee Intolerance

Over the years, I’ve built a tolerance to coffee. I drink about 2 cups everyday. Recently I switched to half-caff. You see, I wasn’t really feeling the effects of the caffeine in the mornings anymore. No jolt. No get up and go. So I thought, “I can quit anytime.”

After failing miserably at quitting coffee, I decided to decrease my caffeine intake in an effort to lower my tolerance to caffeine. You know? It’s similar to a tolerance to alcohol; I used to be able to drink about twice as much as I can now (It was college… and high school. I’m not proud).

I was explaining my new strategy to my boss. A skeptic, he didn’t believe me. He says, “Uh-uh. not possible. You cannot lower your coffee intake to reduce your tolerance to coffee.”

It worked when I was pregnant. I didn’t drink any caffeine. Then, I had a cup of coffee – literally at the hospital after delivering Logan – and I was like a gerbil on diet pills (descriptive name courtesy of Zipop).

I don’t know if it’s because I really want this to work or that I just have this unrelenting desire to prove my boss wrong, but I did a little googling. Crap! Wikipedia is down! Of all days!

For a good cause though.

Checking elsewhere.



Now. We wait, until my tolerance has lowered. Then BOOM again! Shock it with some caffeine.

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