Can you bring me my Chapstick?

This morning my lips were a little dry.

I didn’t think much of it as I used nature’s moisture (saliva) on my way out the door. Then, I was hit with a bitter, cold wind that burned my lips and turned them into shrively prunes. Suddenly, I was thirsty too. Real thirsty. Like, desert thirsty.

With nothing to drink in my truck and no purse Chapstick, I thought, “I’ll just get my desk Chapstick out when I get to work.” I turned down the heat to lessen the potential drying effect in the air.

It was a long, 15-minute commute and nature’s moisture was not cutting it. I was tempted to stop at Starbucks for water. But who buys water at Starbucks? I’d be laughed out of the joint or pressured into buying coffee, which, would most likely make things worse.

I made it all the way to work. Then I got stopped by several people in the hallway up to my desk to talk, which was painful. It felt like the corners of my mouth were gonna crack open and expose my newly wisdom-toothless gums. My lips hurt real bad!

Must. Have. Chapstick.
I get to my desk. Chug my weekend-old water and apply my dollar store lip balm. Ahhhhhhh!

No more than 30 minutes later, my chapped lips were back. I spent the rest of the day applying Chapstick every couple minutes.

So what did I learn through this experience?
Dollar store Chapstick sucks.
Winter in Kansas can be a B****.

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