Everything she does pisses me off

You know how when you’re mad at someone (or if you don’t like them), everything they they do pisses you off?

I’m dealing with someone like that right now.

After only spending 1 hour with her today, I’d filed 7 mental complaints about her. 7.

Maybe it’s just the snowball effect. She does one thing that irritates me and then it just escalates from there… for several years.

Of course, I don’t want to come right out and be all “Shut up, you’re being annoying!” For two reasons: 1. people don’t usually handle words like that very well and 2. I don’t deliver words like that very well (unless I really hate them… like super bad)

So, instead, I’ve been extremely subtly trying to the get message across. There’s the stare.
The stern voice.
The silent treatment.
The segue, “AAAAAnnnyway”

Do people not know when they are being that annoying? I feel like I can read body language from about a mile away. Maybe I’m not being obvious enough with my body language.

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