What happens in Vegas, makes you look like a fool.

I went to Vegas two weeks ago for work and boy was it tiresome. I know that makes me sound a little lame, but when you go to Vegas for work, it’s not all partying.

Anyway, because I was sober, I got to “enjoy” observing the actions of others who were under the influence.

When people are in Vegas, they go by the “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” mentality. This mentality gives them the inferred freedom to do whatever they want and “It’s ok because we’re in Vegas baby!”

Even at the airport, waiting for our plane to take off, groups of wild and crazies were boozing it up in the bar to pre-game for their big Vegas weekend. The pilot threatened to and I quote “Turn this plane around” if anyone got “out of hand.”

While cruising through the hotel casino, I had a few guys come up to me, look at my ring and say, “Oh, you’re married” (as if it would make a difference if I weren’t) I also had a couple offers for things I won’t mention on this PG-13 blog. I even had one Italian guy ask me to marry him and offered to pay for me to stay another night (Donnie’s not to happy about that one). It was sorta like Honeymoon in Vegas but a little more real and not really that funny or romantic.

I even watched a regular chick (wearing a not-so-regular completely lace see-through shirt) reverse motorboat the tops bald guys’ heads. I’d like to call it the reverse-dome-motorboat I’m not joking, the baldies were lining up for their turns. I won’t post a picture of that because I’m too nice.

Those guys probably don’t remember stumbling up to me with booze-breath or slurred catcalls, or getting a reverse motorboat to the dome. But, I’m blogging about this because I’m a firm believer of “What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas if someone remembers what happened.”

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