If every day were Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers.

Some say it’s a “Day for single ladies!” or “It’s a pointless commercial holiday invented by retail companies to prey on poor, pitiful romantics.”

Some say, “I don’t need a day to show my loved one how much I love them” (Those same someone’s wives haven’t gotten flowers since the courtship).

Even more say, “I show my special someone I love them 365 days a year.”

That one made me laugh a little. I imagined doing the over-the-top special things we do for Valentine’s Day on literally every day of they year.

If every day were Valentine’s Day…
– I’d have a house full of flowers with matching vases.
– I’d have Type 2 Diabetes.
– My husband would be constantly nervous trying to top the events from the day before.
– Kids would probably be able to pronounce Valentine’s Day correctly a lot sooner. I mean, if you say it every day you’ll get it eventually.
– E.L.E. Everybody loves everybody.
– There would probably be lot less naysayers. How many people do you know who hate every day?

See? Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad. So go out, and do something thoughtful for your loved one, for Valentine’s Day’s sake.

Just think, at least Valentine’s Day only comes once a year.

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