Chalked pink hair in 5 minutes

Last night, my MIL came up to me and said she was bored with her hair and wanted to do something wild, but not incredibly damaging.

I thought, didn’t I see some wild hair colors on Pinterest?

The answer is: Yes, I did. Pretty huh?

Luckily I had some chalk pastels from college art days.

All you do is twist the strands and color the hair. The girls on that website strongly recommended against wetting your hair unless you wanted it to last through a few washings. So, that was the first thing I did (my MIL requested it).

Logan even joined in.

Donnie was pleased.

Anya came home later added some classy streaks to her dark hair.

Such fun! If you try this at home, it washes out super easy. In fact, the kids’ hair lost the color by morning (I didn’t wet their hair).

About an hour ago, my MIL washed her hair and it’s back to blonde. I like to call that a blank canvas (cue evil laugh).

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