Running is boring.

It was a beautiful day yesterday, too beautiful outside to be in a gym workin’ on my fitness.

So I decided to get physical on the sidewalks around my neighborhood.

I started running.

Yeah! This feels great. Rocking a little “I got a feelin.” Click below, if you’re running while reading and would like some motivation.

So then, the song is over and a less motivational one followed. I’m focusing on the sound of my steps, breathing… ok, I’m bored.

No one’s around. Maybe I’ll do some calisthenics. Take your basic sidewalk.

I hopped to the far right edge with my right foot. Easy, right?

Then I hopped right over to the far left with my left foot. This is easy. Like hopscotch, right? Fun!

Then, I hopped all the way to the middle of the next block.

Ok. That was a little tougher. A CHALLENGE! Now I need a goal. Hmm. How about that sign up there? I’ll do these side-to-side hopscotch steps until I reach that sign.

One I reached that sign, I decided it was time to run a little more. I ran for about 2 songs (or 5 minutes). Then I was bored again. How about some lunges? I love what lunges do for my body. Good, strong jumping legs (which is good for volleyball players like me). I can’t do too many lunges at a time or I’ll never make it home. How about lunging all the way to that old guy standing there? In case he moves, we’ll say that beautiful River Birch.

The old man moved. I think he was impressed with my use of calisthenics. After I passed him, I felt like running again. My legs were shaky and as my 3-year-old son says, “Shake your sillies out.” So I did. For about another 5 minutes.

Then it was time to jump again. This time, feet together, I hop forward from one line to the next. Only jump on the cracks (contrary to popular belief, this will not break my mother’s back). My goal is that white car (doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere).

And, this is totally how my feet would look if they were created in Skitch.

After I reached the car, I ran for a bit longer. I sprinkled in these three super fun calisthenics the rest of the run (which was only a total of about 45 minutes).

Today my legs are super sore, to be specific, my biceps femoris and gluteus maximus.

Next time, I’ll be doing some side lunges for inner thigh strengthening.

As I sprinted across the finish line (or my driveway) the other day, I felt awesome. Pleased with myself. Proud of myself. And, the best part? It wasn’t boring.

2 thoughts on “Running is boring.

  1. Pretty positive I would look like an idiot doing all of those. Well, I’d probably fall down at least 10 times, first. (;



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