3… it’s a magic number

So, the other day, my eight-year-old (Anya) was taking her sweet time getting ready for bed. I mean, literally, it took her 15 minutes to brush her teeth (that’s including all the face-making in the mirror).

After her marathon teeth-brushing, she moseys out to the kitchen and says, “Can I have some water?” Now, I’m not too stressed because I start the bedtime routine a good 20 minutes before lights out. But this was getting ridiculous.

I gave her a glass of water and said, “Now get your booty in bed. I’ll be there in a minute to tuck you in.”

She slowly turns as if her feet are stuck in semi-dry cement. I’m near my wit’s end, I say, “One…” I don’t even know where that came from. I used to count to 3 all the time to get her to pick up the pace. I hadn’t used it in years. And, not with Logan at all.

So, anyway, I said, “One…” At that, Anya darts to her room. I didn’t know she could move that fast (and I’ve seen her play basketball). Then I thought, “It’s a magical strategy. I start counting, she starts moving. This is wonderful.”

This is what Schoolhouse rock was saying when they sang, “Three is a magic number.”

Ok, maybe the video doesn’t specifically send the message that this a good way to control your kids, but I’m reading between the lines here.

Me: “Logan, pick up that Play-Do”
Logan: “O…k.”
Me: “One…” Logan stares at me and doesn’t make a move.
Me: “I said, one…” Nothing.

Maybe Logan needs a little training on the 1-2-3 method. That, and he usually starts his counting at zero (which he pronounces “Oh”). So I’m sure he was wondering why I started counting in the middle.

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