Is homemade generational?

Growing up, I ate a lot of things from a box. Bisquick, Hamburger Helper, Betty Crocker, those were household names.

I think it’s a generation thing. My mom grew up at a time where everything was made from scratch. Then when she was a mom, all these easy, just add water meals were coming out. For good reason too, more moms had full time jobs and little time for dinners made from scratch (and let’s face it, dad wasn’t making dinner-not in those days).

When I first started cooking my own meals, it was the quick-easy boxed meals. I didn’t know any other way and I was super intimidated by the idea of cooking anything from scratch. It just seemed impossible.

Today, these “just add water” meals aren’t nutritionally acceptable in my house. I learned how to cook via the Internet (Food Network walkthroughs on YouTube). And I must say, I’ve gotten pretty darn good at it.

However, like many moms, I work a full time job so it’s difficult for me to make homemade meals every night. I make a lot in advance. The crockpot is my friend. But also, my husband is a wonderful cook. It’s taken some (er-hm) persuasion, but now he cooks pretty healthily.

I try a new recipe at least twice a week. I just love it. What was I scared of?

I say all this to introduce my latest concoction: Lemon Bars (from scratch!)

They were so good!


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