Today, I almost bought an app.

Today I almost paid for an iPad app. Yes. You read that right. I said paid. Like actual money. For an app.

You’re probably thinking “big deal,” right? Well, it is for me. I’m super frugal. Some (my husband, of all people) would say I’m tight-fisted with my money.

And, when it comes to buying apps for my iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ok, I know, the pricey electronics are not really a statement of my frugality. Would you believe me if I said, Donnie bought them? All of them. He did.

Anyway, I won’t buy apps. I once mulled over $.99 for a good week. Eventually I bought the app and immediately had buyer’s remorse. How pathetic! This is me.

Boy, I’ve been wordy lately. Back to the app I almost bought. It looks sooo cool. It’s a kids’ book app created by an ex-pixar designer. Each page has a fun animation or interactive play for the kids.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App Trailer from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

It’s $5, but I think you only get one book… Debatable.

Do I spend $5 for this ultra-cool book and chance that it may include more ultra-cool books in the app? Would you?

I may have to consult my frugal friend, Blendra on this one.

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